High Cosmetic Class A Sheetmetal

  • High precision fabrication with tolerances of +/- 0.005 typical
  • Able to handle panels up to 4 feet by 10 feet
  • A wide range of materials and finishes from mill finish to High Cosmetic Class A panel sets (see table below)

Custom parts for clean room or medical equipment applications are typically made from stainless steel and cleaned or polished to the customer specifications. Vinyl clad material or special high cosmetic materials are common in these applications. Battle Precision is one of very few companies with the knowledge and equipment to reliably produce flawless 304 - Bright Anneal (BA) and # 8 Mirror panels and assemblies.

Individual parts or assemblies are provided as needed. Highly specialized components whose designs are updated often and are needed in low quantities are typical of these applications. Here are some of the materials and finishes we commonly produce.



Stainless Steel

# 8 Mirror

Cold Rolled Steel

# 4 Grained


BA - Bright Annealed

Vinyl Clad







Sand Blasted